List of Christian Songs & Artists similar to Secular Music

Christian music is similar to secular music… Is it possible?… YES!

Many of us like music, but let’s face it: we don’t always listen to worship songs, our playlists are “stuck” with secular music.

Personally, I didn’t think it could be possible to find contemporary Christian music similar to secular music… I got the idea that worship music was only gospel type or like the ones sung in church, and that it was not at all like other genres that we all listen to and use to make a connection with us, like electronic music, reggae, and other genres.

Contemporary Christian music is modern and hot!

I had no idea, but very talented generators of musical content, make available to all of us very pleasant, modern musical compositions, with “rhythm” and that melodic touch of “I don’t know what” that will explode your brain!

We made it easy for you with this list of contemporary Christian music that sounds like the secular music you enjoy, so you can’t lose!… Check it out!

Now make a new playlists with contemporary Christian music, because believing in God and worshiping Him will never go out of style!

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